For the safety of our students and our community, we are canceling classes until May. The April 19 class and April Master class is still on the calendar, and will be held online. Manuals will be mailed ahead of time and instructions emailed directly to students. Stay tuned. ‘The Times They Are a Changing’. More details to follow, next week, concerning online classes for the next few months. We will offer classes at Expanding Heart Center as soon as we can. Teaching Reiki is our passion.

It is a joy for all who learn this much needed stress reduction technique.

MDCRT Celebrates The Life of Mikao Usui in Japan

In 2019, MDCRT explored the history of Reiki founder Mikao Usui in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan.

To deepen and enhance MDCRT’s offering of Reiki, MDCRT founder Kandi Austin traveled to Japan, where Mikao Usui brought the healing wisdom of Reiki to so many.  Kandi hiked to the top of  Mt. Kurama, visiting many temples along the way.  See the Main Temple and a mandala at the top of beautiful Mt. Kurama, the mountain where Usui received the gift of Reiki.  It was a moving experience to visit Mikao Usui’s final resting place in Tokyo. Click on the photos of these sites and more below.

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