Reiki Refresher Classes

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  • Full-Day Refresher Course: Reiki level I & II (any lineage).
  • 2-Hour Reiki I Refresher Course: Reiki level I (any lineage).
  • 2-Hour Reiki II Refresher Course: Reiki level I & II (any lineage).


  • $65: 2-Hour Refresher course
  • $325: Full-Day Refresher course


  • 2-Hour Refresher Course: Zoom link will be sent the day before.
  • Full-Day Refresher Course: Classes are held at Expanding Heart Center, 208 W. Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21701. View Map.

Please note: a confirmation will be sent within 24 hours of registration. A preparation and parking email will be sent a few days before class. Please check your spam folder for both of these emails.



If only one student is registered on the 3rd day before class, we will ask you to choose another date. There is no refund but your fee can be used for the full year.

Wait list

If this is the perfect date for you, but class is full, please send an email to be alerted if an opening becomes available.  There is often a need for someone to reschedule and we could offer you that spot.

Refunds & Cancellations

If class is cancelled due to inclement weather, it will be rescheduled but not refunded.

If you need to withdraw, please give at least 7 days notice and we will advertise to fill your spot. If it fills, we will refund your class fee, less a $25.00 service fee. If it does not fill, your fee can be used for future classes, workshops, and events within 1 year of purchase with limitations. If you need to reschedule please allow the same 7 days, so we can advertise to fill your spot.

IF A CLASS IS FULL and you do not allow the 7 days notice to cancel or reschedule, your class fee is forfeited. You can choose to join on another date and pay an additional fee of $125.00.

Replacement fee for certificates, due to changing to another class, or or any other reason. Please be sure you register with the name you want on your certificate. $7.50


What’s included?

What’s Included

See what’s included in each class below. Have questions? Send them ahead of class so we’re sure to allow time to address them.

Full-Day Refresher Couse

Review of Level l & ll

  • Full-Day Class
  • Reiju
  • Self Practice techniques
  • Grounding techniques
  • Review of symbols
  • Precepts
  • Practice with others
  • Long-distance Reiki

Level l Refresher

Review of Reiki I

  • 2-hour Zoom class
  • Review grounding
  • Review several ways to practice self Reiki
  • Review of 5 principles
  • Practice with others


Level Il Refresher

Review of Reiki II

  • 2-hour Zoom class
  • Review of symbols and their uses
  • Self Reiki
  • Long-distance Reiki
  • Practice time with each other


2-Hour classes are held online via Zoom. Full-Day classes are held at Expanding Heart Center, 208 W. Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21701

Reiki I

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